Graham Stephens is a mixed-media artist with an emphasis in printmaking, living in Chicago, Illinois. His work has been exhibited in juried as well as group exhibitions including Place Gallery in Portland, OR, Ciao Gallery in Jackson, WY, Food for Thought Gallery in Portland, OR, Rynek Gallery, Olsztyn, Poland, Splendorporium Gallery, Portland, OR, Pacific Arts League, Palo Alto, CA, Pathos Literary Magazine, Portland, OR, Monmouth Museum, Lincroft, NJ. 

Graham received his B.S. in Art Practices in 2012 from Portland State University, in Portland, OR.

Artist Statement:

My work deals with looking at the ways in which I see or understand things, and exploring beyond my initial conceptions. How does something that we use every day work? How was it created? What draws me into an idea or towards an object but pushes me away from another? It's through this framework of exploration that I create art.

I find myself drawn to mechanical processes, vintage equipment, stories of exploration and innovation, and popular culture. These interests are my primary sources of inspiration and often become the subjects of my work.

I create through a range of printmaking techniques. My printmaking practice consists primarily of copper plate mezzotints, engravings, and etchings. I am fascinated with the technical and scientific aspect of these methods. I'm drawn into the hands-on contact with each plate, the connection with the tools, and the requisite time it demands.

It's my aim to share my ideas through printmaking in a way that gives viewers a new perspective on an idea. I also get the opportunity to find common ground and open dialogue with others.