Inclined Plane Mezzotint - Part 3

I finished off this print today. The YouTube video is at the end of this post. I started off today by prepping the paper for chine-colle´. I had a nice sheet of this grey paper, I'm not sure what it is since it's just a half sheet, maybe Rives BFK? Anyways, created a plastic template and then cut out a handful of pieces for my proofs.

Here is a piece of the paper overlaid on the copper plate. I'm hoping that the shadow of the box will print clear enough onto the grey paper, but the burnished areas of the plate won't leave too much tone.

I mixed up Akua black ink and used a bit of Mag Mix to thicken it up to a nice consistency. I like the ease of cleanup with the Akua ink, but I do find it is a lot thinner out of the can compared to oil based inks I'm used to.


Here's a snapshot of the plate inked up, and wiping the edges.


I use Nori glue on the chine-colle piece of paper. It did cause the paper to curl a bit, but I managed to get it smoothed out before I laid it on the plate.


And here is the first proof of the print. I added the thin line along the edge of the ramp to finish it off.


Here is the video of the full print. Let me know if you have any questions. Also I appreciate you subscribing to the YouTube channel and helping it grow!