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Just stopping by the shop, leaving a comment on an Instagram post, or watching one of the many YouTube videos is always so appreciated.
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Supporting Diode Press on Patreon is an amazing way to help make bigger projects, more frequent videos, and explore new mediums. All donations pledged through Patreon are used exclusively on tools, materials, equipment and cost associated with the Diode Press YouTube channel and shop. In return, you get behind the scene sneak peeks of what is in the works, as well as other rewards.

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We use Amazon affiliate links for many of the tools and materials we use on a daily basis. if you shop using our link, it gives a small amount to us, but costs you nothing to use. 


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check out the YouTube channel for frequent videos on: printmaking, electronics, 3D printing, and more! Make sure to subscribe to the channel and sharing the videos is always appreciated! This allows us to grow the channel and help share the learning!