DIY Zine Tutorial

The project this week was to make a zine. I was inspired by a recent zine meet-up I attended, and decided to make one. A zine (or fanzine) is typically a cheaply produced publication. There are really no rules on how you make it, or what it needs to look like. Just choose a subject you're passionate about, and go for it! I chose to bind this book together, but often you can just staple it in the center, and be done. 

For my zine, I'm creating six illustrations of the classical simple machines. These are: the Wedge, the Screw, the Lever, the Wheel & Axle, the Inclined Plane, and the Pulley. These are the machines as defined by renaissance scientists. So with these basic machines, more complicated machines can be constructed. That's what's illustrated in the zine I created. In addition to the pen and watercolor drawings, I added descriptions to each page, describing the machine. 

To purchase one of the zines I made, head on over to the shop

Below is a list of supplies you might need to make your own zine, or even small bound notebook or sketchbook using the same techniques.

Supplies to make your own zine:

Ruler with cutting edge:
Cutting Mat:
X-Acto kit:
Awl to make holes:
Pre-Waxed Thread:
Wax for thread:
Bone folder (for folding pages):
Binding needle:
Clips to hold pages:
Corner Rounding tool:

Be sure to tweet me a picture @diodepress, if you make a zine, I'd love to see it!