Art Supply Haul

This week I did an art supply haul of some of my recent art and printmaking related purchases. I'll be using these/have used these in some recent videos. 

Below I've listed all the items in the videos and some links where to find them.

The amazon link are affiliate links, they don't cost you anything to use, but help keep my ink cans full. 

Shina plywood is a great material for woodcuts. It lets you carve easily in any direction and is fairly resistant to splitting. I also picked up the lino blocks to play with. No ideas for what I'm going to print yet, but maybe something will come to me!

Link: McClains Printmaking supply


This bench pin/anvil was a a viewer gift and I'm really excited to start using it! I'm hoping it'll make cutting down my copper plates much easier!

Bowen Model 770 (antique store find). If you have one of these tools, you can find more info here: Beuth University of Applied Sciences

I searched "Equal Space Divider" on ebay for this one. It's great for perspective drawing and basically anything you need to divide evenly!

This tool is also great for perspective drawing, or any kind of drafting. It lets you make parallel lines, and has a built in protractor and rulers.

These are Dockyard micro tools. I'll do a full review of these in the future if there is any interest in that. The wood sharpening strop has grooves that match the exact profile of the tools, and with the compound you apply, it should work great to keep them sharp!

Link: Dockyard Micro wood tools

I picked up this heat gun at a radio shack sale. So far it's been working out great, and gets hot almost immediately, which is nice!


This is a great printmaking magazine put together by People of Print. Funded by a kickstarter campaign, this is the second issue. Definitely worth checking out if you are into printmaking!

Link: Print Isn't Dead | Element #002

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.02.50 PM.png

This case of paint turned out to be a great buy. I've used it fairly frequently. I would definitely recommend picking up a larger tube of white paint so you can mix up more colors and not go through the tubes too fast.

So that's it for the art haul, thanks for checking it out! Make sure to subscribe to the channel to keep up with new videos!