Succulent Plant Linocut Prints

I recently completed a series of instructional videos for that I filmed over the past few months. The project I chose to base the tutorials on was a linocut of a planter and succulent. 


I created three versions of this print throughout the video series. The first one was a black keyblock and for the plants I used a blend, or rainbow roll to create a nice green gradient.


For the second print, I used a stencil and applied a metallic copper paint to the paper, and then printed the two blocks on top, giving a really nice metal look.

Finally for the third version, I used watercolor and created a blue background, and also added more green with watercolor to the plants.

You can check out the introduction to the Linocut tutorial video over on my YouTube channel here:

If you're interested in purchasing one of these prints, you can find them over in the shop.

Happy printing!